drive time

I asked this question in to put it together. I would like to drive from Koblenz to Deidesheim, possibly speyers, pass baden baden and continue to Colmar. Then head back to ribeauville, riquewihr and obernai. Reality of driving time???? thanks

Posted by Andrea
Sacramento, CA
4864 posts will tell you driving times, cost of fuel and tolls amounts if any.

Posted by Tom
Hüttenfeld, Hessen, Germany
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Didn't I answer this question previously? Anyway, the answer depends on which route you take and how well traffic cooperates in this generally very congested region of Germany. Under optimal traffic conditions (rarely encountered) Koblenz to Speyer along A61 is about an hour. If you wanted to drive the scenic route along the Rhine, add about an hour to the driving time if you rive the west bank to Bingen (there's no good roadside views of the river further south) and add about 90 minutes if you drive the east bank to Wiesbaden. No tolls anywhere. I'll let others coment on the drive further south.