Dordogne or Provence?

We've been to Alsace, Champagne, and Paris. Trying to pick the next stop in France... Any comments about one region versus the other would be welcomed. We'll have about two weeks.

Posted by Adam
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If you really have two weeks at your disposal, you can have a very memorable visit to both regions. Fly open jaw Toulouse/Marseilles (or vice versa) Otherwise, if you have the chance to spend a week or two in SW France, including the Dordogne and Lot valleys, I would choose that. Provence is logistically easier to work into future trips because of the great rail connection to Paris. The Dordogne area is more of a stretch, so if you can make it work this trip that is an argument in its favor. Provence is more accessible by train but you'll miss a lot if you spend a week there without wheels.

Posted by Richard
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With two weeks I would do both. We spent three days in the Dordogne and then drove to Provence for another three days. I could have easily spent a week in either. A car and GPS made both locations very easy to enjoy. We stopped in Carcassone in route and there were plenty of other places I would have liked to see along the 5 hour drive.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Lisa, You haven't said much about what you like. What did you like, or not like, about Alsace, Champagne, and Paris?

Posted by Connie
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I have visited both and the Dordogne would be my first choice. It was quintessential French with lots of things to do. (Cave tours, canoe trips, chateau tours, visiting Racamadour and Cahors and other nearby areas) Provence had lots to do as well, but I did not think the area was as pretty or as unique. We traveled for 5 weeks last September and October and the Dordorgne was my favorite area. (although I love the Alsace as well). I bookmarked this article because I loved the slide show that is attached to it, it brought back so many great memories: If you have any other specific questions about either area, I would be happy to answer them. I will probably not return to Provence anytime soon, but I daydream about getting back to the Dordogne. I want to return to the 3 generation working goose farm that we stayed at and ignore the rest of the world!