Dordogne, France

I am starting to plan a trip to this area--any advice or great places to stay would be appreciated. Single traveler, will rent a car, interested in churches, architecture, wine. Debating on one base for the week or move around--Beynac, Bergerac, Domme, Sarlat?? Thanks

Posted by Carolyn
Seattle, WA, USA
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If it were me, I'd rent a small house or apartment, or stay in a B&B in or near Sarlat and use that as my base. Sarlat is bigger than Beynac and Domme (not sure about Bergerac), and there's a lot more activity there than in the other towns, plus good restaurants, shops, etc. There is also a wonderful market. It is a good base because it is fairly easy to get to the other places from there. We rented a house in a small hamlet about 10km from Sarlat and it worked well for us, but there was nothing close by except cows and ducks. I personally love Domme, but wouldn't want to stay there for more than one night as it is a little out of the way. Bon voyage!

Posted by Tara
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Sarlat! It's a great base, and it's so pretty all lit up at night. We stayed at a B&B right in the thick of it. Woke up one morning to a market getting set up outside in the square. At night, the square was full of diners and pretty golden flood lights on the buildings. We had a car to visit the caves and to do the canoe trip. Enjoy!

Posted by Carol
Santa Cruz
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Another vote for Sarlat for the reasons given above. With a car, Sarlat makes
an ideal base for daytime exploring the numerous smaller towns in the area, the caves, canoe trips, and can also check out the Wednesday or Saturday Morning Market before you leave for the day. At night the city is a safe and fun place.