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Do you think I'll need a voltage converter?

I am going to Paris and Italy and was wondering if I should get a voltage converter? I am taking:

2 Samsung Point & Shoot cameras (TL100 & HZ15WABP) - which are less than 1 year old.
An iPhone 3GS. An HP Mini Laptop (HP210)

Didn't know if I would need a voltage converter or just the plug adapters?

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You will need plug adapters. You will only need a converter if one of your devices only runs on 115VAC, which is unlikely in today's world. Look at the power supply for each device and see if it says something like 100-240V, 50-60 Hz, or just 115 V, 60 Hz.

Look here for more info.

Most manufacturers today provide "dual" voltage power supplies because it is more cost effective to make one supply that accept a range of voltages than to make and stock many supplies for one voltage each.

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As Lee mentioned, you'll need to check the "Input Voltage" ratings on EACH of the devices you'll be travelling with. It's quite likely that all will be rated for use at 100-240 VAC, which means you'll only need inexpensive Plug Adapters.

One point to stress regarding your IPhone 3GS is that it's important to disable the data portion while in Europe, as the data roaming charges can be VERY steep! Of course, if you're arranged some type of international roaming plan with AT&T, that changes the situation. Be sure to check this every so often, as I've heard a few reports of the data section "mysteriously" turning back on.

I wouldn't bother looking at Voltage Converters just yet, as you may not even need one.

Happy travels!

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For the iPhone... To avoid roaming charges, couldn't I just put it into airplane mode? That way all incoming signals are blocked. That should be for 2G/3G and WiFi.... Or so I believe.

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I think some phones (not sure about cameras) can be charged using the USB port on a laptop. If so, that might save some power supply weight and concern over the voltage specs for those power supplies.

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Steve, putting your iPhone on airplane mode won't do it. Go into the Settings/General/Network and turn data roaming OFF. AT&T also recommends that you turn Fetch New Data/Push off. You can still make calls, send texts and connect to WiFi but you won't be hit with a massive phone bill for data retrieval.