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Disneyland Paris from CDG

I'm considering spending half a day checking out Disneyland before going into the Paris, as I might like to bring Grandchildren in a few yrs. Anybody know how often the TGV runs from CDG, approx. cost, where to catch it, schedule? I'll be sleep deprived & my French is tres terrible so would like to find out as much as I can before leaving. Also, are there luggage lockers @ Disney -- if so -- where? English speaking guide for short tour or tour in Eng. or bike rentals? Merci! Lucie

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Disneyland Paris isn't far from CDG, but in order to get there via train you would have to take the RER commuter train from the airport into the center of Paris and transfer to the A4 line back out to the Park. A more efficient option would be to use VEA airport shuttle buses which go direct from the airport to Disneyland. Check out their website at for more specifics.

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Actually there are many TGVs that go directly from CDG to Marne-la-Vallee-Chessy, the Disneyland station. I stopped counting when I got to 14/day. The trip takes ten minutes. The peak fare is €23.20 and the off-peak fare is €14.90.

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Yes there is an area where you can leave your luggage. When we were there you could put your bags in before you bought your tickets (at the science museum you couldn't). It's a big room not individual lockers.

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please visit the carousel at the park --a friend of mine carved the animals from scratch. It's one of the last touchable artforms.

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Don't bother to get yourself all exhausted spending time AND money to go out to Disneyland for half a day. They're not going to give you discount price!!...It's just a nice little Disney with an international crowd. Use your energy to get yoursself into your hotel in Paris first...If you feel like zipping out for a day later in your visit it's just as easy to do from the city as from the airport.......though, seriously, i don't think a surveillance run is necessary..