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Disability parking in Germany?

I will be going to Germany in May 2007 and will be renting a car. Having one new and one bad old knee, I will need to use disability parking. I do have a disability tag for ILLINOIS
How can I get one for Germany?

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If you are going to rent a car, have you asked the rental car agent?

You might check with AAA. They issue international driver licenses and may have some experience with this question.

I would consider asking this same question on the "Trip Advisor" Board. There are a number of folks living in Germany on that board. They are often will to research things on line that are only in German.

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It does not appear that you are getting much help on either board. I did a little research online with my limited German language skills. Handicap Parking spots are known as "Behindertenparkplätze". Germans do love to form compound words.
*** Parking is at a premium in German cities. My wife and I do not remember seeing handicap parking spots. The (Munich) website site says that they are few and found in Parkhauses, not close to sights or hotels.
*** When I tried to search for permits, I kept coming up with city hall procedures, even a request form for Nürnberg. That might mean that it is a local government function rather than state issued.
*** You might need to adjust your travel plans. As parking is limited in cities you might think of staying in small rural villages, near train lines into cities that you might like to visit. Some people even prefer this method of travel.
*** With arthritic knees, I do empathize. We travel by train.

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I lived in Germany for 5 years and can tell you that using the handicapped parking in Germany is virtually impossible for americans. I have a daughter in a wheelchair and we used the american handicap parking permit, and still got a ticket. Could not get out of it and had to pay over $200.00, even though we lived there.

You can try it, but they watch handicap parking very closely there.

Good luck.

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The system will not allow me to respond by private message?

Good luck. Herzogenaurach is about 25 km north of the village, Markt Roßtal, in which we lived while assigned in Nürnberg. It is a beautiful area full of history.

Regards, Gary