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Dijon or Beaune

In which town, for beauty & daytime activities would you stay, Dijon or Beaune? I want to spend the night in one & do a shorter daytime visit in the other.

Also I can spend 2 nights in two of the following towns: Perigueux, Bourges, or Troyes. Which 2 would you recommend
again for daytime sightseeing or daytrips?

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It depends on when you will be there and what you want to see and do.

I spent a day and a night in Dijon two years ago and enjoyed it, but felt as though I never really got a handle on the city in that short amount of time. It's too big.

On the same trip I spent 2 nights in Beaune, which included most of a day in town--nice lunch, ramparts walk, Hotel Dieu, wine cave, and dinner. (Other time there spent biking through vineyards). I found this very satisfying, though there is "less" to do there than in Dijon.

I am unclear on your time frame. If you only have a day I don't think it makes sense to stay in one place and day trip to another.

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I've spent quite a bit of time in France, and Beaune is my favorite place - I'd love to spend a year there. It is a small enough town that you can get around on foot, and if you like wine, you'll love Beaune. If you have a car, there are great half-day trips you can take from Beaune (including Dijon, if you want).

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I have never been to Beaune, but I have regretted using Dijon as an overnight stop-off... the city so intriuged me that I wanted to spend more time there. However, I don't recommend driving to Dijon. Even by European standards, the city is a nightmare to negotiate by auto, making it all the more pleasurable to walk.

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We spent a night in Beaune 13 years ago on honeymoon. Great if you like walking small town streets, wine tasting, etc. From there we picked up a house boat we rented from the Crown Blue Line and journeyed for a week up the Petite Saone canal and river. The grapes growing on the vines at our bed and breakfast were charming. I wish I remembered the name of our bed and breakfast. The owners did not speak English. In the moring we sat with 12 people for breakfast who were all different parts of Europe and 2 couples did speak English and translated for us. We picked out a place for a wine tasting. We were the only people there. The lady kept giving us samples of her wines - starting with the cheapest and then progressing up in price. It was all the same grape. I have never had a wine tasing like that anywhere else. When the prices got out of our price range my husband told her we should stop. I would have loved to tried the most expensive. Everyone in that area were so friendly.

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There is a big wine auction in Beaune in January, if this conicides with your trip GO! It was so much fun, with wine cork pulling contests, waiter relay races, lot of food (ever eat a duck carcass fresh off the grill oh yum) silly hats and rich French people drinking.

Great festival!

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Beaune would be my recommendation!!In 2006 I stayed there for one night and friends stayed in Dijon. They met me in Beaune and said it was much superior in accessibility and in the sights as well. By all means, Hotel Dieu is a must see. Especially impressive is the restored art work with its bright colors.

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Thank you all for your comments. They were a big help. It seems that Beaune is the winner.

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Beaune is a wonderful town. Rent a car and drive through the villages surrounding it instead of going to Dijon.

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Wine taste at the Caves des Cordeliers in the middle of Beaune.
There is also a little wine tour that you can buy tickets and depart from at the Tourist Info in the center of Beaune.

If I can suggest a hotel, Hotel des Remparts. It is inside the old city walls... it's actually attached to them.

There is a Hertz Car rental at the train station and one fairly near (a few blocks) the hotel.

Ask the friendly staff about parking... I think it is on the street and it was free.

When you are driving around you will want to go to see castle La Rochepot.

It is in Rick's book. There is a rich history surrounding the burgundy area and this restored castle is an amazing site.

Stop into a winery at the village of La Rochepot (a little further down the road)

One thing on wine tasting, in France I have found it best to announce when you walk in that you are interested in BUYING wine and you would like to taste what they offer. Tasting is not the same there as it is in US