denmark currency

will be in denmark briefly - maybe two days in Odense and one other small city - than germany - and wondering how convenient to get money from atm's and if only krone accepted by shops and restaurants?

Posted by Ann
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I was in Odense in 2005 and there were plenty of ATM's to get money from and if I remember correctly, almost all the shops & restaurants we went to accepted both cash & credit cards. But, like I said, that was almost 10 years ago so take my advice with that in mind. :)

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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It's no problem at all. There are plenty of ATMs. The biggest question is quessing how much you will need for your short stay so you withdraw the right amount.

Posted by Richard
Gresham, OR, USA
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ATM's are everywhere; just make sure you have a 4-digit PIN for your card. As an earlier poster said, CC's work in most restaurants. The larger stores in DK will also take Euros, but you may get your change in DKr. Odense is a large city, so you shouldn't have any problems.

Posted by Ed
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Paying for anything anywhere with the non-native currency is an automatic screw job.

Posted by Rosalyn
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As Ann said, ATM's are as available in Denmark as in the U.S. This is what we do when nearing the end of a trip in a non-euro country. Estimate how little local currency you can make do with. You can always get more from an ATM. Use cc's as much as possible. On the last day, try to spend down all your local cash. We have found hotels agreeable to taking part of our payment in cash and charging the rest, for example. A fair number of places will accept euros. If it's for minor purchases, e.g., a newspaper or coffee in the airport, who cares if the exchange rate is bad?