Decent hotel for one-ngith layover near Gare du Nord

I'm laying over in Paris in early July for just one night. I'm flying into Orly from Malaga, arriving around 6 pm. I'm leaving on a train the next morning from Gare de l'est. I'm in my 60s and I really don't plan on carousing after I reach my hotel! I'll save Paris for another trip! I'd like suggestions for a decent hotel (2-3 stars, bed, bathroom, lock on the door, not much else reqd), clean and safe, near either Gare de l'est or du Nord (I'm aware those are almost the same location). I use booking dot com with some success, and I'm headed over there now, but personal suggestions are always best! Thx. Tom

Posted by Tim
Knoxville, TN, USA
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"near Gare du Nord" is not a nice area. I've only stayed there once and won't do it again, but "The New Hotel" is literally across the street. I wheeled my luggage carrier out the door at Gare du Nord, bumped it across the street, and wheeled it straight into the front door of the The New Hotel. It wasn't especially nice and AC did cost extra. But I did get a good nights sleep there. Actually I slept straight through checkout time I was sleeping so well.

Posted by Laura
Virginia, USA
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Tom, I stayed for one night at the Holiday Inn Gare de l'Est a few years ago and it was fine in a typical Holiday Inn way. I used points, so have no idea what it costs or if it is a decent value. There is an entrance to the station right outside the hotel so it is very convenient for train connections.

Posted by Bets
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There is an Ibis on Rue Saint Laurent one block south of Gare de l'Est, right out the front door, second street on the left leaving the station going down blvd. de Strasbourg. Plenty of places to eat right in that first block there too.

Posted by Ms. Jo
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We stayed at the Ibis, near Gare du Nord and found it to be a very nice hotel, plentiful if plain breakfast and cheap prices. We had no problems with this area around the train station.

Posted by Fred
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Hi, I stay at Gare du Nord, am used to it and familiar with New Hotel which has been refurbished. At the end of the street Rue de Dunkerque, next to the Chinese restaurant is a nice three star more pricey than New Hotel. Opposite the street from New Hotel is a Kyriad, also more expensive. What's good about about staying at Gare du Nord is its convenience to transportation, eateries of all types and cusines, banks, post office, even a public coin operated laundry facility. Depending on your budget, opposite of the station is a pricey 3 star Mercure...very nice.

Posted by Judy
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Is this the Ibis hotel near Gare du Nord that people are referring to : Ibis Gare Du Nord Chateau Landon? Or is there another one? I am having a hard time finding the one referred to on Rue Saint Laurent. Thanks.

Posted by Bets
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If you google "ibis hotel rue saint laurent" you'll get this: It says Ibis Paris Gare de l'Est 10eme hotel. The website came up in English for me. If you have any questions, let me know. I've known this neighborhood, and this street in particular, for thirty-nine years. The building used to be an apartment building, but was gutted and remodeled into a hotel a few years ago. Edit: the street itself is quiet. The cafe with the wooden exterior at the N/E corner of Saint Laurent and Bd. Strasbourg is a locally owned bar/brasserie with a local clientel, the type of place where you order the plate du jour and a 1/4 liter of wine. At the other end of the street is a brasserie known for its Alsacian food. You are just over a block from Canal St. Martin there.

Posted by Tom
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Thanks everyone. Good ideas. Esp about Gare du Nord not being such a super neighborhood...something to think about... Tom

Posted by Fred
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Ibis is part of the Accor Hotel family. I'd suggest checking out their website. I'm sure they have several options in the area. I've stayed at the Mecure Terminus Nord, which is directly across from Gare du Nord and also part of the Accor chain. comfy rooms w/ a bar & restaurant attached. As you've surmised, the two stations are very close. Its only a 5 minute walk from one to the other. I realize this isn't in the spirit of Rick's travel philosophy, but sounds like it will take care of what you're looking for. Bon chance!