Day trips into Germany from Strasbourg, France

My husband and I will be visiting Strasbourg in mid-June. We are there for six days and would like to take two to three day trips into Germany. Can anyone advise us on best places? We definitely want to take some hikes, shop and eat great food! Thanks much...

Posted by Sarah
Stuttgart, Germany
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I may sound like a traitor to my current home, but I'd spend more time in France than Germany if based out of Strasbourg. The Alsace wine route is amazing and has some great little towns. Alsacian cuisene is pretty similar to German food, but well, better. That said, the Black Forest is right across the border so that's a good place for a hike. But not stunningly scenic to someone from California, honestly. Baden-Baden is right across the border and could make for an interesting stop if you like to gamble or want to do the baths...otherwise I'd skip it, though. Freiburg is a lovely city in the Southern Black Forest and does have good food, though.

Posted by Louise
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My choice would be Baden Baden. A beautiful charming town. If you are arriving by train you will need to catch a taxi (5-10 minutes) to the old town.The centre has some beautiful old architecture,a lovely town park following the river,lovely shops and restaurants. We followed all Ricks advice in his Germany book (views from top of funicular are delightful).
Although not in Germany but for an easy day trip I would thoroughly recommend going south from Stassbourg and visiting Riquweir and Colmar both stunning.