We are a family of 4 traveling to Barcelona in August and are looking for easy nice day trips probably via the train from the city itself. We have heard that north in the Costa Brava area is beautiful...not much south? Information on specifically where to go and how to get there would be greatly appreciated. Nancy Y

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Nancy don't know if you would do it as a daytrip, but there is a lovely adorable little seaside town, 1.5 hrs from Barcelona by bus, called Tossa de Mar, we stayed there last summer and LOVED it. From the beach there you can also jump a boat cruise that stops at a few nice beaches and cruises the shore for a few hours , think it was about 10-15 euros each.

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It is easy to do daytrips by train from Barcelona. The trains run on time, are efficient, clean and cheap. No need to buy tickets in advance. You must do a daytrip to Montserrat. You take the train and then either the gondola style cable car or the rack railway up to the top of the mountain. Your kids will really like it. I'd also suggest a daytrip to Girona. If you want to see Roman ruins, plan a daytrip to Tarragona. I would very much like to go to Zaragoza but have not yet been there. That could also be done as a daytrip - I have read that it is about an hour and 23 minutes by AVE train, but in all honesty there is so much to see and do in Zaragoza that you would be better staying there more time. Be sure to consult the Trip Advisor Barcelona forum for additional information and ideas for specific places to visit as daytrips and how to get there. There are lots of posts on this topic. I always like to find smaller towns and places off the traditional tourist track. Look into Vic or Ripoll in the Pyranees. Pat

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I second a day trip to Montserrat, you can buy the tickets from the metro that included the trip up the mountain on the funicula rack and pinon railway or whatever its called ! lol .. What is great about a DIY trip rather than with a tour is that you can get to go in the Monastery once all the day trippers with the coaches leave, They spend most of their trip lining up to see the statue. .. There are some great mountain walks and views from the top of the mountain. ..
If you want seaside there are a lot of choices such as Sitges and Tarragona, I don't think a trip to Cadeques is worth the time it takes to get there. Sitges and Tarragona can be done on Public transport. .. Lloret de Mar as well as Tossa de mar have some pretty walks if you want a coastal day.. Have Fun !! We enjoyed Spain so much we are thinking of retiring there.. Now if only the $$ goes in our favour!!

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I highly recommend a day trip to Figueres to see the Dali Theatre-Museum. Even if you're not a big Salvadore Dali fan, it's a unique and rather bizarre art museum really unlike anything I've ever seen before (and it includes admission to the gallery of jewelery that he designed too). Dali's art includes not just paintings (as he is most known for), but sculptures and coin operated models. It's odd and wonderful and one-of-a-kind. (If you go, stop for lunch at Onix.) Trains in Spain run efficiently and even 2nd class (tourist class) is very comfortable. The trip to Figueres was about an hour and when I bought my ticket in advance, on line, it was about 30 Euros round trip.