Day Trip Guide or Tour from Cannes to Provence?

My husband and I are looking for a tour that will take us to St.Paul de vence, Tourettes due Loup, Grasse, Gourdon maybe valbonne if time. We have found one tour Nizza Travel but they only offer this as a half day trip which I know is not enough time in this area. They will do an all day tour privately but it is around 450 euros which is too much for us to spend. Does anyone have any recommendations of other companies that do this itinerary as a full day trip or know a private guide that would be less than 450 euros? We will be based in Cannes for 5 days March 2013. Thanks for any advice.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Have you thought of renting a car? Its gotta be just a small fraction of the €450. And you could go at your own speed, stopping where you like. If you are going to Grasse for the perfume you can drive right up to the factory sales room. It is hill driving, not really mountain, and the roads are decent. Take a good sat-nav that you are familiar with or put Nav Free on your iPhone.

Posted by Terry kathryn
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Definitely renting a car would be a good option. It is pretty easy to drive in this area, with roads well marked. You can then be on your own schedule and move on to the next town when you are ready.

Posted by Heather
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Thanks for the posts. I had read on tripadvisor that only experienced drivers should drive in that area due to all the turns and such. It is only around 100 eruo to rent a car so I am definitely not opposed to doing that (although we have never driven outside of the US before) I was just scared off a little by the comments about the dangerous roads. We have iPhones so downloading Nav isn't a problem. Do you think it is possible to visit all these places if we are spending 8-10 hours traveling around? Also, Grasse is it only good for the perfume factory? If so I am not really interested in that would add a different town in. Thanks again for your replies!

Posted by Bets
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Grasse is practically a suburb of Cannes, so you can do that any day. St. Paul is mostly freeway followed by the straight road through Vence. It's only a few kilometers going up the hills after that which twist.. Not a hard drive. I forget bout the other two.