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Day Trip from Seville - Ronda or Cadiz?

My friend and I are spending 9 days in Seville in two weeks. We have day trips to Granada and Cordoba lined up, but I am torn as to what to do for the third: Cadiz or Ronda? Thoughts on which one is more worth the time/energy?

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You can almost use up a whole day in Cadiz. Rhonda is lunch and a short walk-around.

Cadiz has caracoles.

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If you are hesitating to go to Ronda, you might also consider Arcos de la Frontera, or even Carmona. Carmona is not equivalent to Ronda or Arcos, but has some village charm. And it's very close to Seville. I personally don't think Seville alone is worth 9 days, so I'd have plenty of day trips ready when you get there. Rick also recommends Jerez, but you have to like horses or sherry for that.

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We didn't go to Cadiz, but we only spent one night in Ronda wished we had more time. We did go to Arcos and would recommend skipping it if you are short on time....which it doesn't sound like you are.

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Like Chani, I liked Ronda more than Cadiz. I had high expectations for Cadiz because it's arguably the oldest city in Europe - going back to the Phoenicians. Most buildings, including their big church are in pretty horrible disrepair and the town itself is not particularly pretty or walking friendly.

Ronda's bullring/museum, the Moorish ruins, and the unique stairs down to the river were all interesting.

I don't consider Ronda a particularly convenient day trip from Seville, I'd see it as a better stop between visits to Granada and Seville. Granada has more to see than Seville, so it's hard for me to imagine that as a daytrip either.

Arcos is closer to Seville and is a really nice "white" town.

Jerez is also convenient and offers the only Bodega tours without advance reservations we found in Spain.