Day in Barcelona

Greetings, I am visiting Barcelona for obe day as part of my cruise itinerary. I would like to visit two sites: Gaudi's Church of the Holy Family and the Picasso Museum. As an older adult, I need to take things at a gentle pace. Are my plans realistic? What transportation options are available to and between those sites? Thank you. Hope

Posted by Anita
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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Hope, you can reach both sites by Metro. Try to see a map of the Metro routes, along with information about all the major sites, including Gaudi's Familia Sagrada and the Picasso Museum. If you are not comfortable using mass public transit, a taxi should not be terribly expensive.

Posted by Hope
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
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Thank you for reply. That will be most helpful.

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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There is a metro stop at the Sagrada Familia. However, I don't think there is one near the cruise port. There should be buses. However, if you take the buses, you may need to transfer 1-2 times to get to the Sagrada Familia and you will then need to know the bus system. The easiest way will be to take the taxi. It's not too expensive in Barcelona.

Posted by Ed
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The Drasannes metro stop is right at the cruise terminal. The problem is that the ships I've seen tied up are inside the inner breakwater. I've only walked out there once, but depending on where the ship actually is, it could be a mile to that metro stop. I don't cruise, but friends who do tell me that there is always some kind of shuttle to get you out of the harbor complex to a jumping-off point. From Drasannes it's less than a mile walk to Jaume 1 for the Picasso Museum, but I'm betting the way the system is a plate of spaghetti down there, it's as least two changes, maybe seventeen and a half. The first change would have to be at Catalunya. That would make it one more, to sort of double back. Two changes, but I don't know what the second one is. From Catalunya it's a no-changer to Sagrera - - that one I don't even have to think about. The problem is figuring out how to get out of the port complex. Surely, there has to be something - - they wouldn't make people who don't take a ship-sponsered something hike that far.

Posted by Brad
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It looks like Barcelona runs a blue bus from the cruise ships to the base of La Rambla and back. The Picasso Museum is about a mile from there. You will have to judge whether that's too far to walk for you. You can get a taxi, catch a metro (to Jaume I station - it looks like two changes which might take longer than walking), or a bus (don't know the bus routes) to Princessa-Montcada gets you very close. The lines at the Picasso can be very long. I would get off the boat as early as possible (go straight to the gangway as soon as the boat stops) and get to the museum first. Once you make it through the museum, the Sagrada Familia won't be a problem. It's designed for large crowds. Again, your options are metro (one change and one change back to Drassanes), bus or taxi. Taxi is easiest and saves valuable time, but will cost more than a bus or metro. Be careful with your valuables around Barcelona. Barcelona is a great place but it's notorious for pickpockets at La Rambla and the major tourist sights.

Posted by Brad
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I should have added. If you get to Sagrada Familia and do find a long, slow moving, line, you can always walk around the outside and see it for free without waiting. The inside has some appeal but will be primarily a construction site for at least another 20 or 30 years.