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D Day and Mt St Michel

What option is best:

Day 1 - Drive from Paris to Mt Michel in late afternoon
Day 2 - Tour Mt Michel first thing and drive to D Day beaches in afternoon. Sleep in Bayeux
Day 3 - Tour more beach sites (big history folks), go to War Museum and back to Paris then home next day


Spend both nights in Bayeux and take a day trip tp Mont St Michel


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I vote for option 1. Mont St. Michel is fantastic in the late afternoon and early morning before the invasion. You can tour the abbey early before most of the tour busses arrive. It's an easy drive to Bayeaux and you'll be going against the traffic.

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Ditto for option 1. To elaborate a bit, you can use the late afternoon/evening to explore the ramparts. If you get really adventurous, you can try climbing the rocks to reach a small chapel hidden on the far side of the island. If the sky is clear, you won't want to miss the sunset. As you mentioned, mornings before the tour buses arrive is the best time to tour the abbey. Although the interior is rather bare, I found it fascinating that such a complex structure could so periously defy gravity for centuries atop the rocks.

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Thanks for the info and feedback -- this is exactly what we are planning to do this June. Option one -- but what is the reccommendedroute from Paris to Mt. St Michel?

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"but what is the reccommended route from Paris to Mt. St Michel? "

See what I just wrote for somebody else on a thread similar to your follow-on question. There are only two options.