Coverage of Swiss card or transfer ticket

Can someone explain the coverage on Swiss card or transfer ticket as related to trip to jungfraujoch? I don't understand RS example on the comparison chart. It says 50% discount with Swiss card. Jungfraujoch not covered on in and outbound trip? Don't get that - as in if you could go that route on your entry and departure from Switzerland? Huh?

Posted by Larry
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Easy answer. No country-wide Swiss Pass or Card will cover the entire fare from Interlaken or Lauterbrunnen to the top of the Jungfrau. The typical fare is about $190 round trip without any type of pass or card. The best any pass or card will do is provide a 50% discount for the round trip from Wengen up to the Jungfraujoch. Swiss passes will cover you completely to Wengen. The transfer ticket gets you from an country entry point to one final location and then back out to the same or other country exit point. Also, you can't buy the Swiss Transfer Card in Switzerland. You can buy it online. I'm not sure what discounts you get with the Swiss transfer ticket once you are at your final destination. We've always had a 1/2-fare card. Half-fare everyday everywhere in the Swiss transportation system for 30 days.

Posted by Lola
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A Swiss Card or Transfer Ticket covers 100% of your travel frommthe airport or border to your destination village, but you have to go by a direct route-you can't wander over to Montreux if you are going from the Zurich airport to Mürren. They both cover as far as a village, not up to the Jungfraujoch. So let's say you are staying in Wengen and want to go up the Jungfraujoch the day you arrive. Both TT and Sc will cover your travel to Wenge n, but not beyond. The Sc will cover 50% of the Jungfrau train above Wenge, whether you go on your travel day or another day. The TT won't cover the Jungfrau trip above Wengen at all.

Posted by Kathy
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Thanks to both of you, The half price card may be an option for us but does it include the smaller gage trains, lifts cable cars etc that are run by private companies in the Jungfrau region? Thanks

Posted by Pauline
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Yes Kathy The half fare cars dies exactly what it says gives you half fare on all railways, cable cars and mountain railways. The Swiss Travel Service web site has a good explanation of all the travel cards and passes