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Cooking Classes in Spain or France

I am thinking about doing one of those weeklong cooking lessons where you stay on the premisis. Has anyone done it where it did not cost a lot of money. I am just in the research phase now. Thanks-Kim

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Have you thought about asking a culinary school in NYC? I am sure they can help you for Paris at least. Best of luck!

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For example Patricia Well's school is $ 6,200.00 for a week without hotel. I am sure the previous suggestion is a good one to take.

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My husband and I did one of these a couple years ago through When we went, they offered a Pars/Provence combination where you spent a few days in Paris, then a few days at a tiny little hotel in Provence, learning in the chef/owner's kitchen. It looks like this company no longer offers the Paris/Provence combination, but they do have one in Paris/Alsace for 1300-1400euros per person (assumes two people). I believe that includes hotels, some meals, and lessons.

This kind of a "themed vacation" certainly doesn't qualify you as a chef at the end, but it will maybe give you a chance to shop in a local market with an expert, an opportunity to get tips from an expert, and is a fun way to spend a week. I really enjoyed my trip - if you decide to go, I hope you do, as well!