Cooking Classes in Paris

Has anyone had a good experience with cooking classes in Paris? Our family of 4 will be there next summer and looking for a wonderful experience learning about Parisian markets and hands on cooking

Posted by Laura
Virginia, USA
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I have taken several classes with Cook'n with Class ( over the last couple of years (baking, bread, evening market). They were small groups, hands on and I really enjoyed them. For the market class, you go shopping first in the Montmartre area with the chef, choosing the ingredients for your meal. They were quite generous with the food and wine. These classes were definitely for novices. The food was great and I would take another class from them. I also took a market walk and demo with Le Cordon Bleu. They have a number of short classes. The chef who taught my class spoke French but there was also an English interpretor. I really enjoyed the market walk while I thought the demo was average. I would take another class there, but I would look for a participation class rather than a demo. If you are looking for other options, you might look on the blog written by David Lebovitz. He is an American food writer living in Paris. Here is his entry on cooking classes.

Posted by Laura
Los Angeles, ca, USA
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I recently returned from a month long stay in Paris and took a weeks worth of cooking Classes with CookN with Class in Montmarte. It was an incredible experience, exceptional fun and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone! Morning Market Day class with Chef Alex was great fun, Macarrons class with Constance, French Pastry class with Ivy, Baking with Briony! All incredible Chefs , who cook with passion and love to teach!
One of the highlights of my trip was the Market Day morning class with Chef Alex- He is an incredible chef, is a great teacher, and is lots of fun as well. I highly recommend the school, their chefs as top notch, to anyone who loves French food, or is interested in the kitchen !

Posted by Pamela
Niagara Falls, New York, United States
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We also had a great experience with Cook'n with Class. Market was fun, met great people, chef was a terrific teacher, dinner and wine memorable and best of all, we are still receiving email recipes 2 years later. Enjoy!!!