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Conques and Vezelay

Interested in talking with anyone who's been to Conques and/or Vezelay. Transportation options, food & lodging advice, etc. Not finding much on the web re: tourism for either of these places.


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Vezeley is stunning, a 3-star Michelin site, and very popular. Most regional (as in Burgundy) guidebooks should describe it.

Logistically I think it's best to have wheels when visiting this part of Burgundy. The nearest train station is 12 miles away and trains run twice a day.

I was in Vezeley in early April, but my guess is that this tiny, beautiful town is inundated with tourists in high season.

Places like that (Carcassone, Mt. St. Michel) work best, I think, if you stay in or near the historic town so as to be able to enjoy it in the morning and evening.

When the tour buses arrive, head out and explore. There are mineral springs in nearby St. Paul that have been in constant use since Neolithic times, with excavated Celtic and Roman baths. Or head off to Chablis for a wine tour and lunch.

There is some lodging inside the walls and more just outside, if you take this approach.

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We have been to both, but Vezelay was so long ago (1995) that even if I could remember where we stayed and ate, the info would be out of date. Conques is a beautiful, well-preserved medieval town. Like you, we found very little info available, and only knew of it because my art historian brother recommended it. We had a great meal at the restaurant of the Hotel de l'Abbaye. Our bibles for finding lodgings are (French B&Bs) and My souvenir guide from the abbey church gives as the website of the Office de Tourisme. You can e-mail me if you have other questions.