Connecting Austria-Italy-Switzerland

I would love feedback on this itinerary. I am planning for a September 2013 trip. My intention is to not do "too much" but it kills me to pass cities and not take time to stop. Please feel free to make suggestions regarding: 1. amount of time in each city 2. better ways to connect cities 3. cities to add or subtract 4. anything else! Some background: My boyfriend and I enjoy hiking/outdoors, wine and beer, interesting food, mixture of city/outdoors. I have been to Munich twice and Muerren once. Thank you!! 1 Fly 2 Vienna 3 Vienna 4 Vienna – durnstein side trip? 5 Vienna to Salzburg (am) 6 Salzburg 7 Munich 8 Munich 9 Munich – Bolzano - Alpe di Siusi 10 Alpe di Siusi 11 Bolzano – Milan – Varenna (am) 12 Varenna 13 Varenna – Murren (am) 14 Murren 15 Murren 16 Murren - Lausanne 17 Lausanne
18 Fly home from Geneva

Posted by Bob
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Hi Jesse. It looks great! Each itinerary is personal, so everybody who reviews it will be tempted to say 'shave a day from xxx and take an extra day at yyy', according to their personal preferernce. But it looks like a great start. I'm jealous.. Enjoy your trip!

Posted by Harold
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I agree with the above reply: while everyone would do this slightly differently, your plan is as good as any and better than most. One comment: I see that you're passing through Bolzano twice. On one of the passes, do make sure to see the museum with the Iceman. This is unique, and I found it quite fascinating. The museum covers the various Ages (Stone, Copper, Bronze) and puts the Iceman in context. His different layers of clothes and his portable fire-making tools were just two details that had me mesmerized.

Posted by Jesse
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Thank you so much. I was most concerned that the timing was realistic and that the order was logical. I'm still open to recommendations!

Posted by Jesse
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Now I'm trying to decide if Varenna is worth a stop for such a short time. My original thought was that 1. I want to go to lake Como and 2. I want to break up the ride from Dolomites to Swizterland. Thoughts?

Posted by Mike
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Jesse I am going "back in time" on the posts as we prepare for our trip this autumn into roughly the same area you are visiting. I suppose you've already made your reservations but on the off chance you haven't, may I suggest that you definitely go to Varenna. We love the Albergo Milano there (get a front room overlooking the lake if possible. Incredibly beautiful). I would also reroute your itinerary. Instead of coming down to Milan then back up to Varenna then back up Murren, I would go to Murren first, then go to Lugano where you can go directly (sort of) to Varenna without the necessity of going all the way into Milan then back to Varenna. From there it's a short trip to Milan from where you could fly home. Hope this helps... Mike

Posted by Lola
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I would say she has it in the right order. Bolzano to Mürren is a long journey in one day ( done that) so it makes sense to break it up with Varenna, even if it is a one-hour detour from Milan. Coming from Lugano ( bus plus ferry) would take longer. But one change you could make would be to head straight north from Varenna to Tirano, then north into Switzerland and spend a couple of nights at Pontresina on the Bernina Express route. Great hiking in the Upper Engadine( so I have heard, haven't made it yet but I have the books and have studied up). Then head to Mürren for three nights, and cut Lausanne to one. Also, as an avid hiker Imwould add a night to Alpe dimSiusi, and reduce Varenna to two. It is beautiful there, but our three-night stay felt a bit long. I was itching to get back into the mountains.

Posted by Jesse
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Thank you! Thats really helpful. We are now considering doing the itinerary in reverse, depending on which airfare is best.