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confusion with European phone numbers

I have read Rick's explanation of European phone numbers in his current FRANCE guide. I know how to call back to the US from France what I cannot figure out is which numbers to use to call numbers in France while I am there (like to contact the hotel from the road) His guide says to dial a 10 digit number (for example: 04 97 03 10 70) Yet all of my contact numbers have eleven digits including the 33 country code. If I take off the country code, then I have only 9 digits. One example of a hotel phone number: 33233601425 What do I do with that? Be patient. I have traveled a LOT, just never taken my phone before. I actually enjoy the solitude of not having it.
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I believe that if you are within the country, leave off the country code, and dial a zero and then the rest of the number. That should give you the 10 digits. If you call from the US, you would dial 011, then country code, then the number without the zero. Hope this helps. :)
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011-33-2-33-60-14-25 from the States
02-33-60-14-25 within France.

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The posts above are correct. But here's a simplification. If you are calling from a cell phone, just store the French number as +33233601425. In other words, +, then 33, then the 9 digit number (or the 10 digit number without the initial 0). Then, wherever you are in the world, all you have to do is press "send" on your phone, and it will dial correctly. This works for US numbers too. Just store them in your phone as +1-area code-number, and they will dial correctly anywhere in the world when you press "send." I was worried this would make every call an international call, but it doesn't; the phone system "knows" whether it's domestic or international, so I don't pay extra for this convenience.