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Concerns with smoking triggering asthma

Wondering what the smoking conditions in public venues are in Amsterdam, Brugges, Austria? We have some concerns in regards to managing my kids asthma while we're traveling.

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The only place I remember smoking (or smoky air) being a real issue was at the airport in Amsterdam. If you are staying at any large hotels they might allow smoking in the lobby, otherwise I don't think it will be a problem for you.

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I don't really remember any smoke in any of those countries, but I'm not as sensitive as an asmathic (sp?). We have found that by going to dinner early by European standards, say around 6:00, we avoid a lot of cigarette smoke.

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Stay out of the Brown Cafes, and your children should be fine. I don't recall any of the restaurants in Brugges being particularly toxic and I'm very sensitive to cigarette smoke. Many restaurants in Amsterdam and Brugges offer outdoor seating, if you need it and the weather allows.

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Oh your answers help put my mind at ease. Or more importantly, my daughter's. Thank you so much for replying.

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I was very concerned about smoke, too. But I always found that I was able to get away from it and wasn't bothered at all throughout France, Spain and Italy. My big problem was visiting a wine cave in France. I didn't think to bring my rescue inhaler and had major breathing problems due to the moldy, damp conditions, which I had never experienced before. It was a surprise problem, because I was only expecting issues with smoke. I guess I should just always be more prepared for strange new situations when traveling and keep the meds handier.

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More and more of europe is becoming a smoke free environment. Most trains are smoke free. Although I did catch some people smoking between the cars. Take plenty of their medication for asthma. To avoid the smoke between the train cars find the car you will be sitting in before you board. train reservations made when you land in europe are awesome. Make them there. Do your homework on the schedules though. You may not get much help abroad. Rick has a link to the Bahn schedule. Enjoy.