Cologne Trip -ideas ?

Dear All, I would be landing in Frankfurt at 9am. I would be travelling to Cologne straightaway (travelling to Brussels early next morning)- but as I am a fan of the Rhine, I was wondering if I could squeeze in the Burg Eltz ? If so, should I travel to Burg Eltz via train from the Frankfurt Airport ? Post which I can get back to Cologne ? Since the Cathedral is open till 9pm, thought would catch that on the way back, as well as a walk on the bridge. Please let me know if the plan sounds preposterous ! I think I'll stick to exploring the city of Cologne then !

Posted by Kathryn
Tulsa, OK
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It might be possible but bear in mind that the train does not go to Burg Eltz. You would either hike or take a cab the last leg of the trip. Depending on how well you sleep on the plane or how long your flight, you just might not have the stamina to do Burg Eltz and then be able to explore Cologne. That said - Burg Eltz is wonderful. I even enjoyed the walk from the parking lot. It is really deep forest - then you round a corner and there is Burg Eltz.
I can't remember the closet town to the castle but RS has it in his book and details of how to get to the castle. It might be worth further research.

Posted by Beena Venugopal
Mumbai, Maharashtr, India
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Hmmm.. Good point.. I did read about the hike.. I thought I'd catch a cab back from the castle to Cologne.. Are cabs available out there? What are the rates for the same ?

Posted by Tim
Wyckoff, NJ, USA
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Beena, are you looking at Google Maps at all? Burg Eltz and Cologne are 109 KM apart. You can't take a taxi. You need to do some more research. There are lots of castles on the Rhine, a lot closer than Burg Eltz. They're just not quite as nice. Cologne has plenty to see for three or more days, so there's no need to squeeze in Burg Eltz. Not everyone has to see Burg Eltz in their lifetime.