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Clickair condemned as unsafe

From The Sunday Times, June 3, 2007

Clickair condemned as unsafe(Chris Haslam)
No-frills Spanish airline Clickair has been condemned by the Spanish airline pilots union as unsafe. The carrier, a subsidiary of Iberia launched last year, currently flies from London and Edinburgh to four Spanish cities.

Pilots criticised the airline, along with Air Pullmantur, Vueling and Air Comet, for infringements such as low-fuel landings, takeoffs with unresolved technical glitches, improper documentation and poor regulation of the amount of time aircraft spent in the air.

As pilots called for “zero tolerance” on aviation safety, Clickair was unavailable for comment. However, if attention to detail is any indication of safety, then beware: the map on the airline’s website ( ) currently shows Edinburgh as slightly to the south of Bolton.

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Andreas....I found the article interesting, considering it comes from a pilots' union which is desperate to represent the non-unionized staff at these four Spanish low-cost or charter airlnes. Clickair is owned by, among other investors, Iberia, where many of these pilots already work. Don't forget, this is the same union that, without turning a hair, down tools regularly at Iberia, leaving thousands of people stranded. It would be interesting to see some statistics from an independent organization like ICAO, IATA, or the Spanish Ministry of Transport, rather than depend on the views of a group with a political axe to grind.

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I'm flying Vueling from Lisbon to Barcelona in August.. now I'm a bit nervous!

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we are flying vueling as well. Barcelona to Paris in June...
I am going to stay positive

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Don't's simply a political ploy from the pilots union.

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Norm, I found this article in the Sunday Times. It doesn't necessarily represent my own opinion. Fact is, the airline is no where near the EU black list of unsecure airlines.

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Vueling is a whole different story. I've never been on one of their planes that was more than a year or so old. It will be a miserable trip if you are tall -- they really cram the seats/passengers in, but apart from that, it's a great carrier.