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Christmas Day in Vienna

I am planning on visiting the Schloss Shonbrunn palace on Christmas Day and take in a 4:00 pm (1600) performance of The Magic Flute at the marionette theater - at least I hope I am. I know some restaurants will be open but does anyone know what time they will be open for dinner? I would like to go to dinner after the show if possible. Thank you.

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When you say that you "know some restaurants will be open", do you know which ones? If so, contact them by phone or e-mail about their opening hours. If you don't know the restaurants it's hard for anyone here to answer your question. Unless, of curse, some Viennese restauranteurs are reading this thread.

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Thanks! I just figured out how to determine what district a place is so I will be able to find a restaurant near the palace to email.

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Carrie, The better restaurants will be in district 1. There are some restaurants near Schonbrunn, but you will have a larger amount to choose from in the city center. Check to see if Cafe Weimar is open on Christamas day:
It is near the Volksoper (not directly in the center) and you will find a more local flair there, with few tourists. It is often populated with many of the singers that perform at the Volksoper.