Choosing auto rental in Geneva

We plan to attend the Tour de France this July. We will spend some time in Switzerland prior to. Wishing to rent an AUTOMATIC car from French side of Geneva airport and drop off in Grenoble several days later. Is Gemü my best bet? I've tried Europecar and much more expensive and only offering Mercedes online. My quote did not include a 65 euro one-way charge.

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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Sixt has a Megane with an automatic. There's one way rental charge $20/day. If spending time in Switzerland, does not come with a Swiss vignette. They have a location at Grenoble train station.

Posted by Beth
Boulder, Colorado, USA
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Have you checked Hertz? We returned a car to the French-side and we had an awesome rate, no one way fee when retuning in the same country. They have several locations in Grenoble. An automatic is way more expensive however and it is easy to drive a manual with a bit of practice.

Posted by Marcus
Kansas City, United States
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Have you tried AutoEurope? They're a broker out of Maine and have gotten tremendous deals from them in various European countries. I honestly don't think I've rented from the same company twice (eg Hertz, Avis, Europecar,etc) but they've always gotten me the best deal.

Posted by Jim
Dallas, Texas, USA
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Thanks to all who responded. Here is what I have learned. Geneva auto rentals can be made from both France and Switzerland. Anytime you rent from an airport( French side) there is an additional charge. If you rent from Swiss side ( downtown Geneva and close to train station and Hotels) there is an additional charge to drop off in another country. What was new this time was a one-way charge to drop off in Grenoble (France) even if I rented from France side of airport. I don't remember there being a one-way charge in the past. It does pay to search many sites, I was able to get a better GPS was included at no additional charge. We also asked for an AUTOMATIC, which is more costly. In fairness to some of R.Steves auto rental referrals, you may private message me for the name of who I used. Also, the next time I pose such a question, it will be under " transportation".