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Choose: Cordoba or Ronda

Hi! We have a day while in Seville to go to one of these places: Cordoba or Ronda. Which one would you choose and why? We are a couple on our mid 30's and we really like to walk around new and different places, charming ones, explore around......

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Ronda is over-rated and can be polished off in lunch plus two hours. Could you maybe cough up a week for Cordoba?

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Why? Read any guide, a far more fulfilling (long, if wanted) day. Shorter journey time by public transport (train).

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They are not really comparable places. In addition to the large difference in travel time, they are very different in size and atmosphere. It is true that they are both historic places, worth visiting. It might be better (since you asked about day-trips from Seville) to compare Cordoba and Carmona (which is much closer than either Cordoba or Ronda. Like it or not, well-off travelers in the U.S. "ask" you at cocktail parties what you thought about Ronda, and never, what you thought about Cordoba. I can't help you make your decision. I would describe Ronda as more romantic and beautiful. But there have been years when the low water flow in the gorge below created some ... er ... odor. But someone interested in European history or Moorish art might prefer Cordoba.

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If you want to peer down a deep gorge, go to Rhonda.

If you want to learn something, go to Cordoba. Think about why you travel. I would pick Cordoba.

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Cordoba - especially if you have any interest in the Muslin history of Spanish.

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Probably get negative feed back on this. We were in Spain for two months last May and June. We saw an awful lot and it was fantastic.We hit the highlights; Seville, Cordoba,Granada,Toledo,Madrid and Barcelona. We went to Ronda and would love to go back again. We had a room overlooking the Gorge. It was one of the most relaxing times we had on our trip. Everything else was rush around to see everything. And we still didn't see everything. Ronda was a great place, but if you are looking to see 'things' then Cordoba over Ronda. But I just had to put in a plug for one of the most memorable stays of our 8 weeks.

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I day tripped to Cordoba on my first trip to spain and wasn't exactly thrilled by it. But i was in a time crunch so maybe I did not give it the chance it deserves. On my second trip to Spain, we stayed 2 nights in Ronda and was wowed by it. Stunning views, excellent hikes, great exercise. Yes, one could do it in a day but its gorgeous at night too. I found 2 nights there to be perfect. But I would return to Ronda again.

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We visited both. If I had to pick one it would be Cordoba. The Mesquita and surrounding quarter are nicer than anything in Ronda. Cordoba's Mesquita is one of the top sights in Spain. We stayed at a place immediately across the Roman bridge from the old quarter, it was a great choice for those with a car - easy driving, easy parking, and an easy walk into the center.

Although I liked the Gorge, stairs down to the river, and some Moorish era ruins in Ronda. It's become popular so I can't recommend it as a place to escape the crush of tourists you will see in Cordoba. It's also less convenient to visit than Cordoba if you aren't in the area.

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I visited Andalucia in February, low season for tourists. I liked both Cordoba and Ronda better than Seville. But if you can only see one, I think Cordoba is a better choice because it is closer (less than an hour by train) and the Mezquita is not to be missed.

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Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I would go with Cordoba instead of Ronda. I would also consider Cadiz. Harder to do as a daytrip but so nice.

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If you only have one day, I'd say Cordoba too, so you don't have to spend all your time traveling. It's a great city and will keep you busy for the day. We stayed at the Hotel Eurostars Maimonides, which is located literally right across the street from the Mezquita, I'd think you'd want more time to really enjoy Ronda. Whatever you choose, enjoy.