Chateau de Guedelon,is it worth the stop?

We will be driving from Amboise to Beaune (May-June, 2014) which I believe is about a 4 hour drive. Would a detour to see Guedelon be worth the time, if so, how much time is recommended to tour the castle?

Posted by Bets
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In my opinion, yes, if you are interested in medieval life. It's not just the castle, but the farm and supporting crafts, all using period tools and techniques. The castle is a little over half-way completed and should take about another 20 years. You should allow two to three hours for everything.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Sue we stopped by and saw it 5 years ago and yes, I thought it was very educational ,, the guides are very knowledable and I think we all found it very interesting. At that time there was definitely enough built to walk through a few rooms , a great hall , some ramparts etc. If you have kids I think its especially interesting, but even without anyone with a real interest in how things were done in medival times would enjoy it. Its not for people in a rush to tick off major sites though.. so if you only have a short trip to France and no particular interest in seeing how things were done,then I suppose for some it would be skippable. I look forward to visiting it again. I suggest you read reviews on it, there are many , simply google " reviews Guedelon"..

Posted by chris
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It depends upon what you are interested in. Do you like history? Architecture? If yes, it is definitely worth the time. Our kids (15, 12 and 11) said Guedelon was a high point. Plan on 3 hours to see everything. There is very little English but even with some basic French and gestures you can communicate with the artisans easily.

Posted by Laurie Beth
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I was there in 2011 as part of a RS tour. I had not expected to like it as much as I did. We were there about 3 hours I think. How far out of your way would it be? If only an hour or two I would say definitely go. The castle in progress was fascinating, but the out buildings and animals are important not to miss. It really gives you a glimpse at what life in the 12th century must have been like for the 'wealthier' folks.

Posted by Sue
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Thanks everyone! I think I'll plan on taking the detour to see Guedelon. I know my husband and I will both enjoy it very much from what everyone has described. From what I can tell, it's not much of a detour from our route and it would probably a perfect stop for a break.