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Chartres - Labyrinth

My daughter and I will be in Paris for a few days in late July. we'd like to take a day trip to Chartres. I want to walk the labyrinth, but I'm having a very hard time finding any information on it. I've checked the Chartres tourism page. Someone told me that it is only open at certain days or certain times and then is covered by chairs. Has anyone been?


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hi, we visited the cathedral in Oct 2006 and the labrinth was covered. When we asked we were told they move the chairs on fri mornings so that you can walk it. Hope this helps. Its also cleared on certain holy days.

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Yes, they move the chairs on Fridays, as far as I know. I wonder if they put them back in the afternoon; I'm planning to go on June 8 and not get there until after noon! I'll have to check. Consider a tour will Malcolm Miller, the foremost scholar on the cathedral's stained glass. You can email him at [email protected]. There is info on Chartres - labyrinth and Miller tours included - in Rick's France and Paris books.

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They put them back around 3 pm.
Chartres is best in the morning I think, you get the full effect of the light.
Friday is the day they remove the chairs (unless it is a church festival)
You might consider attending an evening son and luminare show in Chartres
they are quite spectacular.
For instance did you know the cathedrals in the middle ages were painted brightly both indoor and outdoors? THe light show does a good job to show this effect. You can still see some of the paint on the statuary. M. Millers tour is wonderful, he shows you all this stuff and more. Well worth it...If you cannot
go on his tour buy the book in paperback////well worth it.