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cell phones in France

Does anyone know how to go about getting an inexpensive cell phone with prepaid minutes in France? It needs to be able to make and accept calls to and from the US. Thanks.

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You should be able to purchase a PAYG Phone at any shop in France. However I'm not sure how "inexpensive" it will be, especially for calls to the U.S.? Incoming calls with Euro networks are normally free (however callers in the US will pay long distance, as they'll be calling a French number).

You might also have a look at some of the "travel" phone suppliers such as Cellular Abroad. I'm assuming that your existing cell phone is with a non-GSM network?


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Sandra -

I would recommend looking into getting your local US mobile set up for international service.

Unless your French is very good - dealing with the French mobile companies can be good initially - but typically to renew your card - you will have to manage a French dial in system.

However should you be inclined - these are the top companies here - each has their own website of course -

Carte Bouygues Telecom (Bouygues Telecom)
Under boutique - click Carte Bouygues - on the left select "Je n'ai pas encore de mobile" - this will show you the prices for a phone and service
Cheapest begins at 29 Euros - then you will have to add time costs.

Mobicarte (Orange)
SFR La Carte (SFR)
Salamïa TELE2 Mobile (TELE2)
Virgin Mobile