cell phone for europe

Since I will be taking 3 teen granddaughters to France and Germany, what cell phone service should I get? I was reading about EuroBuzz. Sounds good, is it? Heidi

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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We really like EuroBuzz. Be sure you understand what it does - and doesn't - provide. FWIW, the billing worked like a charm, and I like that I don't have to top off in order to keep my account.

Posted by Cyn
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Eurobuzz seems expensive to me. I would just buy a cheap cell phone in France and a SIM card with some minutes and then change out the SIM card in Germany or buy a multi country SIM card Almost any town you go to in France will have a cell phone store with someone who speaks English. I just bought a cheap phone for 15E in Italy and bought s SIM card for 5E and it lasted for 3 weeks and I had time left. I think I paid about 9 cents a minute. We are going to Spain shortly and I will just buy a cheap Spanish SIM card and Pswitch it out. The first time I did this I was a little anxious but it is so much cheaper. The cell phone store person can set it up for you in English. Probably the front desk person at you hotel can reset the SIM card for Germany to English. BTW I am 63 so I am not a technical wizard.

Posted by Kaz
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Heidi, I think the answer depends on how you will be using it. For me Eurobuzz worked perfectly! It is a Direct Dial system and not a Call Back type. Furthermore, the reception was very good. I also liked their flat billing system per call, which compared to other options, was very reasonable. When I got home and checked my billing (they bill to your credit card), all charges were legit, per the agreement. There were other functions such as texting and voicemail that I did not use, but are included. However, I only used it for making restaurant reservations, confirming hotel reservations and for emergencies. If you will be using it for conversation, there might be better options.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Heidi, I'd suggest comparing rates of several of the "travel phone" firms to make sure you're getting the best deal. In addition to EuroBuzz, you could also have a look at Roam Simple, Cellular Abroad, Call In Europe, Telestial or Mobal. I've been using one of these services for the past few years and it's worked well so far. One of the advantages of using a travel phone vs. buying SIM cards in Europe, is that the rates will be the same in both countries. Also, many use post-paid billing so no worries about having to top-up. Using text messaging will be the cheapest way to keep in touch with your group. Sent texts are fairly cheap and received texts are usually free. Happy travels!