Celerina, Switzerland, breakfast and dinner

Can anyone suggest places for breakfast in Celerina? We are a family of 4 and have booked a room for a few nights this summer. Breakfast at our lodging will be an extra 15 CHF per person, and seems expensive to me. We will also consider eating breakfast in St Moritz for 1 morning. Suggestions for dinner places also welcomed. Thanks.

Posted by Jim
Bern, Switzerland
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Hi Vera, You are heading for one of the most expensive countries in Europe and within that country, you are heading to a major tourist resort... CHF 15 does not go far! By contrast, a Big Mac would cost about CHF 7 or a McMuffin & drink about CHF 9 - 10. I expect the breakfast is an eat all you want buffet with cereals, cold meets, cheese, fresh breat, pastries and hot drinks, which I would not consider too bad for that area. I don't have any recommends for dinner, in autumn we usually stay at the Laudinella in St. Moritz, but prices are cheaper then. Budget wise, I'd be expecting to pay CHF 7 or 8 for a simple starter, CHF 25 to 30 for the main course and say may be another CHF 10 for desert. A soft drink to go with it would add another CHF 4 may be. Have a look at a few of the menus online to get a feel for the prices. Jim (Switzerland)