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Dear experts , Me and my family are traveling to Germany , Belgium and Netherlands for 2 and a half weeks. I have been going through the guidebooks and forums but have'nt quite figured out the most efficient way to do this in a day.We are a family of two adults and 2 kids -6 and 8 years old.After spending 5 days in Munich we want to head to Fussen to see the famous castles.Along the way we want to visit the town of Oberammergau to see the frescoed houses .( Maybe take the gondola to Berg laber)and visit Linderhof castle.So my question is Can we do -Linderhof castle and Neushwanstein Castle long with the luge and gorge near neushwanstein all in a day? We intend to take the train from Munich in the morning , so the castles and head to Gengenbach by late evening .We also intend to use train station lockers for our suitcases. Is this too ambitious?Is it better to hire a car for a day for this trip ?I am not sure if there are lockers at Oberammergau station. Or is it better to do an overnight in G.P? We are spending 3 nights in Gengenbach and then heading to Belgium from there.
Appreciate your advice and thanks in advance.

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"Can we do -Linderhof castle and Neushwanstein Castle long with the luge and gorge near neushwanstein all in a day?" If I understand this correctly, you intend to do all that AND arrive in Gengenbach that same night? Have you checked the train schedules? It takes 2.5 hours for Munich - N'stein. Füssen - Gengenbach takes about 6.5 hours. That doesn't include transport to Linderhof, Oberammergau, or any time at all doing anything in the places you plan to be. There are only so many hours in one day. It might be possible to start and end a daytrip to the Füssen area in Munich - then head to Gengenbach in the morning. It's about 4.5 hours from Munich to Gengenbach. That would resolve your luggage issues as well. But you will probably not have time to visit all those places south of Munich. Consult the German Railways itinerary page for travel times and exact schedules. By the way, the Füssen-area buildings are often called castles, but they're not. If you wish to see castles, there are roughly 40 of them in one 40-mile-stretch of the Rhine River between Mainz and Koblenz. This area is on one of the rail routes to Belgium from Gengenbach - very convenient. Read about the Rhine castles here (copy and paste):

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Hi Thanks for such a prompt and good advice . I will look up doing a day trip from Munich . That will save us from carrying the suitcases around .
I will also look up the castles on Rhine stretch . Thanks I didn't know about this area . Thanks again .

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Not sure it would work for you, but we are thinking of doing a Mike's Bike tour from Munich. They get really high reviews on trip advisor. You ride a bus there, see Neu. castle, bike, luge, lake. I think our boys (9 and 11) will like this more than just seeing the castle. You can google it easily. Kim

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Yes I did check it out but the bike tours take almost a full day for the two castles . I want to add Linderhof castle to the day as well . Perhaps the best way is to still spend 5 days in Munich , then spend a night in Garmich . That day 6 th day I mean , we could do the castles ,next morning explore Oberammergau . But can we still do all three castles plus the luge in one day? With this we spend 2 nights in the Black Forest region .Maybe now we could look at mikes tour as we have an extra half a day . Many thanks for yr suggestion though .
Hope you hv a great trip .

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Hi I'm still confused. I want to spend one day doing the castles and one day in Garmich and around . Does it make sense to see the castles from Garmich which means an overnight there or should we do them from Munich . Confused because travel time is not much different . Almost the same .
Thanks again

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Sophie, We took a tour of the castles (Linderhof and Neushwanstein) and Oberammergau. It was a small group (about 10) and we enjoyed it. We booked the tour at the TI at the main train station. At Neushwanstein you have an English speaking German guide and a set time to start the tour of the castle. Enjoy the trip.