Castle Hotel on Rhine

Lisa of RS suggested we stay at the Shoenburg Castle Hotel in Oberwesel. That hotel is not available on the June night that fits our schedule. Does anyone have other suggesions of Castle or similar accomodations in the area of Rudenheim to Baccarach area (either the west or east side of the Rhine)?

Posted by Lee
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There is a hotel adjacent to the castle ruins Rheinfels in St Goar. The hotels website is in German, but you can probably find it on a booking website. It's a new building, built to look old, like part of the castle (but so it Schönburg).

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Paul, I believe Hotel Kranenturm in Bacharach is actually a Castle, although it may not be the type of "castle experience" you had in mind. There's also the awesome Burg Stahleck in Bacharach, which is a Castle. It's located high above the town, so access is not convenient, but the views are incredible! Happy travels!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Paul, I forgot to mention that Burg Stahleck is an HI Hostel. Having an HI membership will provide slightly cheaper rates and preferred booking. They have single, 2- and 4-bedded rooms as well as dorms, so there are choices. I stay in Hostels on occasion, and don't mind them at all. Cheers!

Posted by Brad
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I've stayed at Burg Stahleck a couple times (and missed it a couple times because I didn't have reservations). I like the place, a clean, quiet, well-run hostel with a great view of the Rhein. It's popular so be sure to book ahead. There is a similar HI hostel/castle in Koblenz but I've never stayed there. I tend to see Koblenz as only a place to change trains - not one of my favorite German towns. I don't like Kranenturm because it's right on the train line. I prefer to stay in a Pension uphill in Bacharach where it's quieter. Many people, however, say they didn't notice the train traffic. It's old but not something you would think of as a castle. I believe the tower was part of the old defensive wall. The hotel next to Rheinfels is just that, a nice hotel located adjacent to the castle ruin rather that part of it.

Posted by stephen
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A couple of years ago when I looked at the castle/hostel in Bacharach, it was booked about a year in advance.