Carte Orange for Paris Metro

I'll be arriving Paris on 24 June (staying for 11 days). Will the Metro allow me to purchase the Carte Orange if I am arriving on a Tuesday?

Secondly, I need a 1x1 photo. Does it have to be printed on photo paper (ie: kodak) or can I print a headshot on a regular color printer and cut it down to 1x1?

PS: I'm trying not to get the 10-pack ticket.

Posted by Bill
San Leandro, CA, USA
632 posts what is the Carte Orange? and why are you trying not to get the "un carnet du dix".

Seriously, is the Carte Orange like the Oyster in London?

Posted by Michelle
Anaheim, CA, USA
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thanks Eric, I read the web site, but I am confused about the purchasing... will they allow me to purchase mid week (ie: tuesday). Or, because I'm purchasing it 2 days late, its not good??

It says:Carte Orange Hebdomadaire is valid from Mondays to Sundays. It is on sale from the previous Friday to the Thursday of the week in which it is to be used. On Fridays, only a pass for the following week can be bought.

Bill: yes its like the Oyster. I did the 10 pack last time and I prefer to use 1 card for the entire week.

Posted by Bill
San Leandro, CA, USA
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Thanks Michelle...

I think it's a great improvement and certainly the way of the future (we've had mag stripes here on BART for the last 36 years). I will definitely go that way next time we are in Paris (which will probably be in September of 09).

Posted by Eric
Ardmore, PA, US
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Yes, you can purchase it, but you have to decide how good a deal it is. The Carte Orange is 16.30 Euro for zones 1 and 2 which is where most of the tourist sights are. Will you use it enough from Tuesday through Sunday to justify that? Some people would. I personally have found that the city is so walkable that we spend much of our time just wandering around and not really going from one point to another on the metro. We buy the carnet of tickets (10 tickets) for 11.10 Euro (which can be shared among different people). The Carte Orange is specific to each person.

Posted by barry
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try the mobolis card. you need kodak photo etc. and always sign the back of your card they are very strict there.

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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The new t+ ticket that comes in a carnet is an even better deal than the old t ticket since it includes bus transfers for up to 90 minutes after boarding the first bus (still no transfer between Metro and bus). However, that doesn't mean that a Carte Orange loaded on a passe Navigo Decouverte card cannot be an even better deal, even for less than seven full days. The value of a t+ ticket from a carnet is 1.11€/ride. Based on 1.11/ride, a Carte Orange will pay for itself after 15 rides. Of course you still have to buy the passe Navigo Decouverte (5€), but the card is good for ten years.

The Mobilis pass does NOT require a photo.