Carnet pass for Paris

Going to Paris on July 14-21. We love to walk but are wondering if we need to buy a Carnet pass for the week that we will be there. Does this pass also include bus rides? Thanks!

Posted by Ed
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A carnet isn't a pass, it's just a gob of ten tickets bought at once for a discount. They're good for buses, trams, rer/metro, and the Montmartre funicular. Since you can share the ten tickets, that's five rides per each - - I'd think most people would use that many in a week.

Posted by Sarah
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My sister and I were in Paris for 8 nights (6 full days plus a day trip to Versailles) and we each bought a carnet. We ran out of tickets by the 7th night so we each bought 3 individual tickets for our last full day in the city. We didn't take buses so I can't answer your bus question.

Posted by Norma
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Jane, I guess you are thinking of the Navigo Decouverte pass, which is good from Monday to Sunday, and would work with your dates. You need a small passport size photo (any head shot will do). The pass is good on metro and buses but if you think you will do a lot of walking, the carnet of 10 tickets may be more economical. is informative on the subject. Also

Posted by pat
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Jane, I too love to walk, and usually stay pretty central so find I walk to many sites and only take the metro or bus once a day or so ( to return from walking across town usually, lol ) . A Carnet lasts me about 5 days at least. A carnet is 13 euros. So, a Navigo IS a good deal for those who like or need to take a lot of rides ( some people don't like a lot of walking or just can't) but its 19 euros for the week and a 5 euro start of fee.. so theres 24 euros.. I have had to top up a carnet so to speak by buying one or two single rides ( think they are running about 1.70 euros now, please check ) but for me its still cheaper then the navigo. The navigo is easiest though once you get it, no worrying about how many tickets y ou have left.. or worrying about getting in trouble with metro police( do NOT throw away a ticket after you use it until AFTER you have left the system, you can be checked for a ticket at any time and fined on the spot, think its 30 euros) I haven't used a Navigo Pass yet, my weeks never line up ( they run Monday -sunday) or I am out of town for one or two days so not worth it .. but they have their value. I am happy with a carnet or two. PS you can split a carnet , so buy 3 for 2 of you , have 30 rides( 15 each ) for 39 euros.. that's more then enough rides for me personally . Both navigo and carnet tickets can be used bus or metro. A carnet ticket is not good for transfers on buses though, but it is for transfers on metro.

Posted by Ed
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A t+ tickets used on a bus is good for an hour and a half and you can transfer if you're going in the same general direction. You can't use it for a quick round trip, for example. And you can't transfer with a ticket you bought on the bus.

Posted by Crystal
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Just a note, if you decide to go with the Navigo Pass you need a 1"x1" photo, not a passport size which is 2" square (I suggest you scan, resize, and print your passport photo before leaving home). I made that mistake on my last trip to Paris. My husband and I will be in Paris for 10 days and I plan to buy a Navigo pass for each of us and reload it for the second week, but we do a lot of Metro Travel 2-3 stops per day at least. P.S. Navigo also works for buses just like the carnets.

Posted by Joana
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We really enjoyed using the Navigo pass last month in Paris. We traveled distances around Paris,since we were staying in the 11th arr. It was great not to worry about how many trips and transfers we'd be making. Just want to add that the photo requirements state no glasses, full head shot, no smiling, no hair obscuring one's face. So, using a resized passport photo is good advice. Of course, there are photo booths in the larger Metro stations and in grocery stores as well. Photos cost 2 Euros; you need the official version, which gives you 4 copies.

Posted by Jim
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They are good for Bus travel, which we haven't done before, but plan to do this time. Rick Steves shows several bus lines to use in his guidebook.