Car rental/train in Germany

While the first part of our trip will be by train through Austria, we are renting a car as we leave Munich. Our next stop is Weinberg and we wanted the car to wander through the small towns nearby. Then we are heading west to do some geneology searching in Oberotterbach near the French border. We will end our trip in the Rhine and Mosel valleys before flying home from Frankfurt. Does anyone have a suggestion of where to get rid of the car? We don't really need it after we leave Oberotterbach. I have not looked into rental companies yet for the car. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Posted by Russ
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Autoeurope lists nearby Landau as a location. Saarbr├╝cken (to the west) or Karlsruhe (to the east) might work too - and on the Autoeurope site, both have railway locations, which will ensure you don't have to taxi away from the rental location before catching a train.