Cap Ferat beach advice

Paloma Beach or Passable? We are traveling with our 3 young adult sons and want to reserve sea beds at one of these private beaches. Will parking on a meter or a parking lot be difficult? Our hotel will take us by boat but we prefer flexibility of getting there on our own. Thanks

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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annette, I'd suggest deleting your duplicate posts on this topic, so that you can keep all replies in one place.

Posted by steven
white plains, ny, usa
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You will find that parking near either of these beaches is virtually non existent . Even parking up at the head of the cape in Beaulieu or even Villefranche is going to be a trick. Also, depending on when you will be there ( summer ? ) it would be even worse . Since you have a reliable alternative , I would go that way . The only other choice , as I see it , would be to try to park somewhere in Beaulieu and get to the beach with a combination of bus and shoeleather , or perhaps a taxi .

Posted by annette
Dallas, Tx
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Thanks for the replies. Vernon I'm not sure what the point was. We did go to both Passable and Paloma while we were in Villefranche. No problem parking either time. Really doesn't feel nearly as crowded as I expected.annette