Cannes - May 1

Hello, My cruise ship is set to tender at Cannes on May 1, which is labor day. Any idea if shops will be open and how it may affect travel on that day? Thanks!

Posted by Diane
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When I was in Nice on May 1st in 2011, there was indeed an issue with the buses. The system that services the region, including Cannes, was not running and most shops were closed. Here is one of the very rare instances where I would strongly recommend booking an excursion offered by the cruise ship. The French take this holiday seriously, as a time focusing on the family (not the workplace).

Posted by Dina
Fontainebleau, France
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Yep, the French take Labor Day seriously. It's a day when nobody labors. Some private museums might stay open. Buses and trains should run on a holiday scheule. If there's a cruise ship in town, it is possible that some individuals may chose to open their souvenir shop, restaurant, etc. - but I wouldn't count on it.