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Can't decide where to visit

I am flying in to Paris on April 29th (Tuesday) and flying out of Paris on May 8th (Thursday). I am defintly going to Monaco, possibly staying overnight (even though it would be cheaper to stay in Nice). I've been looking at Geneva, Lyon and Nice. My trip is all about food, architecture and relaxing. Any thoughts on the above cites (worth my time or no) or any others you would recommend? Thanks in advnance!

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Thanks for the suggestions, Kent. I think I will look into Lyon more.

Monaco = Princess Grace = Me being a huge fan. It's always been someplace I've wanted to go.

I'm not worried about not being able to relax. I'm the type of traveler who puts that first and anything else second. I have no problem spending a day in the park with a book - even in Paris. :)

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So what's your interest in Geneva? I found it dull and expensive. Have you looked at Annecy?

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Geneva = European city I've never been to so I thought I'd go. :) Haven't looked into Annecy but I will take gander. Thanks!

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We were in Geneva and found it disappointing, except fro the paddle steamer cruise on Lac Lemans (Lake Geneva. It may be because it has so many international agencies, but we found it somewhat characterless, though we atayed at teh Admiral Hotel in the middle of the small red light district whic provided some colour!

Paris and Monaco are good choices, despite the commenst about Monaco. The old city on the hill by the palace is interesting archicturally. We passed through Lyons, so really only saw teh railway station. Our son spent a week their last October and he found it fascinating.

Hope this helps.