Camino de Santiago

Has anyone done the last 100 miles of the camino de santiago? if so, where did you start? where to stay along the way (non-hostels) my group is planning on going but we feel we cannot do the whole 500 miles due to time and physical capabilities...thanks in advance for sharing

Posted by Tom
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You might know this already, but in order to qualify for the compostela, the certificate that you've done the Camino, you only have to walk 100 Km, not 100 miles. The traditional starting place for the 100-Km Camino is the Spanish town of Sarria.

Posted by Alex
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Here is a really good community for info on the Camino:
We are starting to plan to do the entirwe Camino Francais sometime within the next 3 years with our Jack Russell tagging along as well.

Posted by Baz
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Here's a good site for general info on the Camino – this walk is on my bucket list as well. Following is a link to a self-guided walk covering the last 110kms, 7 days for about 780 euros – with this company they provide the accommodation, breakfasts and evening meals and transport your bags between the hotels – all you do is the walk with a day pack between the hotels. This an Australian company. There is a French company that does the whole trip similar to the style above. The following link is for the last stage of that trip - – when you go to the web site there's a note to say you can split the last stage into two parts. The last stage is 158Kms in 8 days for 465 euros - you need to contact their office for details on that. With both trips above you need to make your way to the starting point. We've booked trips with both these companies and have never had a problem – we're doing walk in the Loire Valley this September with the French company. Both companies offer both guided and self-guided walks – we've only done the self-guided.
Good luck

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We started in Sarria. Great experience. We used the company Follow the Camino. Would recommend and would have used again (I am going back for a Pamplona start) but found Camino Ways is similiar but a bit less expensive. As it turns out, the guy that founded Follow the Camino also found Camino Ways. Feel free to pm me with any questions. Awesome experience! Buen Camino!