camino de santiago

I am planning a 100km hike of the Camino in June. Right now the cheapest flights are into Lisbon. How would I get from Lisbon to Sarria to begin the hike?

Posted by Diane
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If the cheapest flights are into Lisbon, try to see if you can't get the same deal but to Oporto instead... that would put you closer. Oddly enough, the easiest route may be through to Santiago de Compostella to Sarria...

Posted by Linda
Santa Rosa, CA, USA
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If you want to fly into Lisbon, have you looked into walking the Camino Portugues to Santiago de Compostela instead of the Camino Frances. If you started the camino at Valenca near the Portugal/Spain border, it would be about a 120 km walk to Santiago. And it might be easier to get from Lisbon to Valenca than it would be to get from Lisbon to Sarria. Just a thought... There is a forum dedicated to the Camino. You might want to ask a few questions there...