Cafe in the Opera Garnier area.

Hello, we are looking for a nice cafe by the Opera Garnier. We don't wish to spend hundreds (we're already doing that at the ballet!) but were wondering if anyone knew of a reasonable priced but nice option.

Posted by Susan
Marin County/San Francisco
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There's a very nice cafe to the left of the Opera Garnier as you are looking at the front. It's called Cafe de l'Opera, or something close to that. We like it a lot, and always make a point to go there whenever we're in Paris. I think it's reasonably priced considering where it is and the quality.

Posted by Bets
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I think Susan might be referring to Cafe de la Paix.

Posted by Sharon
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
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I went to the website and it is just lovely! What a nice place to start and evening at the opera/ballet. Thanks for the help.