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Busses in Toledo??

RSs book only mentions a city bus that goes from the the train and bus stations. Do they go on toward the Cathedral,El Greco's house museum, etc?
I'm a bit old for a lot walking up hills and am trying to pick a hotel. I would like to find out about busses from the Plaza Zocodover going south to some of the hotels.
Also, is the Sinagoga del transito a bus station?

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I cannot speak to the first part of your question.....but the Sinagoga del transito is a wonderful old Synagogue that is hundreds and hundreds of years old, and well worth a visit.

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I don't remember any buses in "Old Toledo". The streets are almost too narrow for cars. However, it is a very small area and walking is the primary method of transportation. We stayed at the Hotel Santa Isabel (in Rick's book on Spain). It is modern inside and the people are very nice. It is only a few hundred feet from the Cathedral and a short distance from Plaza Zocodover. You may be able to get a taxi or a tour guide to drive you, but it is very small town and absolutely facinating. If you can, walking is the ideal way to see it. Enjoy your trip.


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Yes Virginia, there is quite an extensive bus system in Toledo, and some do run through part of the old city, but I'm not aware of any running near the cathedral. As Judy says, it's only a short walk from Plaza Zocodover to the cathedral and the other sites....there aren't that many serious slopes once you get up there. If you're looking for bus lines running elsewhere in Toledo (if you plan on a hotel outside the old part of the city), check Most routes intersect at a couple of main spots, including Plaza Zocodover, the RENFE train station, and the intercity bus depot. An e-mail to the hotels on your short list should elicit a response about bus service nearby.

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Im very out of shape, yet walked from the bullring to the top of Toledo 2-3 times a day for a couple of days.....take it easy and enjoy the shops and cafes on the walk...Toledo does have buses, but walking shouldn't really be a problem