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Burg Eltz

My husband and I want to travel by train from Paris to Burg Eltz on the Mosel River in Germany. The Burg Eltz website says to get off at the Moselkern train station. Since we'll have our luggage with us, does anyone know if there is a place to store our two carry-on bags? We don't want to lug them up to and around the castle. Also, can anyone recommend an inexpensive, nice B&B or hotel to stay in the area of Burg Eltz? I am concerned about getting around since we are traveling by train and have no car.

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When we were in the Rhine/Mosel area, we had a car, so I couldn't comment on luggage storage. But I will say that if you are going to spend any amount of time in that area, a car would be worth getting. Traffic is light and the roads are easily to navigate. Just some food for thought.

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Hi Sandra - Id recommend if possible to stay the night before near by at a nice B&B (in St Goar or Bacharach, or in Chochem - where I stayed.) That way you dont have to worry about luggage. Just hop on an early train and get there in 30 min or so. In Ricks Germany book he expains which of the local Moselkern Hotel may let you stow your bag for a few hours if you have lunch/breakfast. Maybe just stay there - but the other towns have more to do.

I found it was GREAT to go early and take the hike there through the forest and back. Even took a longer way back and ended up on top of the hill above the small town station right before (or after) Moselkern...

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Hi Sandra,
We got to Burg Eltz by car recently, so I can't comment on luggage storage, but was very glad we had a car, due to the time factor of getting to Burg Eltz from the Moselle River area. The Moselle towns are charming.
Just a note, the ticket counter said there were no English tours that day, so we bought a small English brochure and were going to tag along with a group having a tour in Swedish. I spoke with a young man who was the "door opener" for the Swedish group and asked him if I could try to find some other English speakers for a tour in English, and he agreed to give my husband and I a private tour! There were very few people at Burg Eltz at this time of year. Don't miss it.

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Thank you, Rick, Tom, and Bobbie. I really appreciate your quick replies regarding Berg Eltz. We have decided to rent a car to get around the area. We plan to rent the car in Strasbourgh, France on the French/German border and travel around Germany in it. Did any of you get an international driver's permit to drive in Germany? In the Rick Steves' website about car rentals, it said the German police like to see your international driving permit if they stop you and fine you if you don't have one. Not planning on being stopped, but just in case.