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Bull fights in Madrid

Hi planning a trip for next year and I know there have been previous posts about his, but was hoping someone could clarify. I read in Rick's book that in May/June the bullfights are daily not just Sundays, can someone let me know for sure and where I might be able to book tickets in advance on a english site (the site for the bull fighting arena is just in spanish) and I tried a and the connection for a tour/ticket didn't work Thanks

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Hi Cora, just keep in mind that the most important fiesta for bullfighting is taking place right now till June 10 I believe. Tickets are incredibly expensive and hard to get. The "corridas" are everyday not just on Sunday. And remember, spend a little more for tickets in the shaded area "sombra". Not only will you be more comfortable...but that is where all the action takes place.

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I've heared from others that Seville is best for bull fights other than Pamplona. Is this true? Or is Madrid better?