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Brussels or Cologne?

Greetings All:

I am traveling via train from London to Copenhagen via Brussels and Cologne. I'm leaving London very early in the morning and intend to take the DB City Night Line Train from Cologne to Copenhagen.

I can spend the day in either Brussels or Cologne, but not sure which one. Any suggestions on what there is to do in Brussels or Cologne with 8 free hours?

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Brussels: Great food, great beer, one great square as pretty much the only attraction. Cologne: 2nd largest gothic cathedral in the world as main attraction. City was completely wiped out in WW2 but cathedral survived with only little harm. Great beer (from an American point of view), average food but a very young city that for some reason has managed to be both roman-catholic conservative and most-liberal at the same time. In Cologne it's all about the atmosphere. The city has got one of the most beautiful "skylines" in the world if seen from the other side of the Rhine river (use Hohenzollern pedestrian bride. That alone is one major attraction).

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Cologne would get my vote! It is beautiful and the cathedral is magnificent. You can also get some exercise and take on the 500 or so steps to the top of the cathedral for breatktaking views of the city.

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Chocolate or beer? I say chocolate! Brussels!

Sherman Oaks, CA

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I think more to do and see in Koln. If you choose Brussels, maybe add Bruges to make it a full day.

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I am just back from the EC at Brussels for two days and I enjoy the wonderful walks in the old city (there are 4 that are laid out from the city council). The Grand Palais, the muscles, the all night chocolate shops being open and the beer. The new areas of the city and classic art nouveau - fun combinations and different feel from Paris.

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Thanks for all the replies. How far is the central square from Brussel-Midi/Eurostar train station?

I understand the Cathederal is a very short walk from the Koln station. Is that true?

Thanks for any/all replies.