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Bruges May 1st

I just found out that we will be in Bruges during the Procession of the Holy Blood. Does anyone know what kind of festivities take place on this day? I tried to find information on various websites but mainly found information regarding the history of the event.

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I have. There's a big parade (really a grand procession) and then a ceremony (which I didn't see) at the cathedral. Businesses, especially restaurant set seats out on the route and you can pay to reserve a seat.

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We were there for the parade last year. The parade lasts a couple of hours (or more) & most of the Bruges' residents have a part in the parade. I thought it was an awesome experience, and you are fortunate that you will be there to see it. The town mayor is in the parade as well as several Catholic Cardinals. The restaurants stay open that day, but most other businesses are all shut down. I think Bruges even keeps the tour buses out on that day, so the next day will be extremely crowded in the town itself. There are some festivities in the morning prior to the parade, but we hadn't left our apt yet, so I don't know what they were.

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Hi Kate--Read Bruges La Morte before you go. Not a light-hearted story, but very atmospheric.