Breakfast in Bayeux

Can anyone tell me what kind of options are in Bayeux for breakfast? We are looking to book at either the Churchill or Hotel d'Argouges. On the Churchill website, when booking it asks whether we want breakfast for 12 euros each. Before I check "yes," I wondered what our options are-- we have a tour that will be starting at 8:20.... And...if we don't check "yes" now, but decide later to eat there, will that be a problem? Is 12 euros reasonable? I have no idea what the breakfast entails... As always, thanks!

Posted by Barry
San Diego, CA
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12 euro would be about $16.00, too much for breakfast IMHO, where are you staying, does it offer breakfast? When I was in Bayeux I stayed at the Hotel Reine Mathile, highly recommend i. Here is a link to their website.

Posted by Susan
Marin County/San Francisco
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We've stayed at Hotel d'Argouges 6+ times, love it. They serve a great breakfast. I think breakfast is included in the room rate. I'd send them an email and ask.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Cici, Based on my observations, there weren't a lot of Cafés open early in the morning in Bayeux, so your options for breakfast prior to your tour may be a bit "limited". Two options I'd consider in the same situation: 1.) Pay the €12 fee for breakfast. For a few days, it shouldn't add much to the budget. 2.) Stay at another Hotel that provides breakfast. Either way, you'll be paying for it. I don't know what type of breakfast Hotel Churchill provides, but some French hotels provide a fairly extensive Buffet, with baguette, cold meats, cheeses, juices, coffee, perhaps hard boiled or scrambled eggs, yogurt, fruits, etc. It's not hard to fill up for the day! The Hotel will be able to provide specific information. Happy travels!

Posted by Cici
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Thanks for the comments everyone....I tend to agree with you, Tim, but was wondering what else might be out there. We decided NOT to do MSM and are spending all of our time in Bayeux/Normandy I have a reason to go back!! Well, the Churchill emailed me backno availability for the night we wanted so I went with our next choice and booked a room at Hotel d'Argouges (but thanks Barry for your suggestion). In looking at Hotel dA's website, it appears there is a bar available but no restaurant. I will send them an email as Susan suggested inquiring further about the availability of breakfast. In any case, we will find somewhere to grab a bite...thanks Gerard and Terry Kathryn for the info about the bakeryI will check into that as well. LOL...James and Ken, I am not a big breakfast person so I don't like spending a lot of money on it, but my husband loves his first meal of the day....I figure we will have a full day ahead of us though, so we better eat something! I knew you all would come through for me...thanks again! Cici

Posted by Tim
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Although we didn't stay at the Churchill, I've read plenty of favorable remarks about it. Clearly you chose the hotel partly for the popular shuttle to MSM. We stayed out of town at a chateau. Don't take this the wrong way, but you are being pennywise and pound foolish. You're not staying in a old-Rick Steves student-dump because, you can afford to travel the way you want to. (I have no illusion that the Churchill is a Four Seasons! I suspect it's Superior Tourist Class or a little above.) It makes emminent good sense to eat one room from the spot you have to be in at the moment of departure. If you have paid in advance, you have no fuss about getting the check, thinking about round-up tipping, getting change, when you are in a rush. If you aren't checking out, you might have the luxury of cleaning up and using the bathroom in the privacy of your hotel room before a couple of hours in a van. (I'm 61. I care about bathrooms.) Honestly, in the waiting-for-shuttle situation, I'd rather have scrambled eggs from a steam table than worry about how long it will take to make slightly better eggs to order at either a bakery counter or a real restaurant. No, you're not really traveling like a Hedge Fund manager. But enjoy the closest you and I can manage. I doubt you could have the same breakfast for less than 9 Euros elsewhere. Roll and coffee for 4 or 5 Euros, maybe if you're lucky. I can assure you that the stand-up food on the street below the abbey isn't any better than stand-up food in Bayeux.

Posted by Gerard
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Under the same circumstances we grabbed a croissant and coffee at a nearby bakery. It was just a few minutes walk from Place de Quebec (which is the meeting place for the tours). I might suggest that even if you don't stay at the Churchill it is a nice place to stop in, have a glass of wine and browse through their D-Day memorabilia.

Posted by Nigel
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From someone who has stayed - very happily - at the Churchill a few observations... The Churchill is a small intimate hotel in a larger hotel's clothes. Run as a family operation it is always the same faces in the shop, behind the desk, serving breakfast. The hotel was built some years ago so the way to go up and down stairs is to go up and down stairs. It is much like a small mansion, lots of nice carpets, banisters, and you want to take your time moving up and down stairs and along the corridors so that you can take in the dozens and dozens of photos on the walls - many autographed - of Bayeux in the war, before the war, and after the war. They are fascinating. I never used it but I seem to remeber that one small wing near the shop either had a small lift or a different staircase. Let me make clear that my visit was a few years ago so things may have changed in the interim, but looking at what is not said on the hotel website and what is said on the website of the sister hotel, I would expect that in the absence of contrary information breakfast will be much the same as it was when we stayed there. Breakfast was typical French.
When we were there the breakfast was served in a smallish bright room with several nice somewhat small tables. As soon as we sat down the gentleman (or once the lady) brought over a basket of baguette and croissant to each of us. We had jars or pots of jam and honey. He took our request for coffee, we had café au lait and it was possible to have another cup. It was plenty to eat and very tasty but once we asked for extra baguette it was happily provided. There was a small table with fruit, dry cereal and more jams. There was, as far as we remember, no hot food.

Posted by Terry kathryn
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Not quite sure what time it was, but we did get a few wonderful items from the bakery in town before taking off for the day. Don't think I woud pay extra for a 'typical French Breakfast'... somehow seems different when they just throw it in to the price, but given the choice I would opt for the grocery store or bakery.

Posted by Susan
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Hotel d'Argouges definitely serves breakfast, a very good one. I'm pretty sure it's included in the price of the room.