Booking Eiffel Tower summit online

Hello all! I'm getting ready to order my tickets online for the Eiffel Tower, but I'm having trouble buying tickets to the summit. A little online research seems to indicate that they're having trouble with elevators, and this is the cause (or at least it was back in 2012, the most recent info I could find). So first, is this still the case? And second, if I bought tickets to the 2nd floor now, can we upgrade to the summit (no pun intended) once we're there in June? Many thanks, Kristi Edited to add, I realize you CAN upgrade tickets under normal circumstances, but I'm unsure of whether it's possible in case of elevator issues and/or whether it can be tacked on to online tickets.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Kristi, I have noted that they are fully booked up to about first week of June you may just be encountering that.. when is your trip. Tell us your dates and we can do a fake booking to see whats available.
The elevator issues were resolved.

Posted by Kristi
Asheville, NC, US
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Thanks Pat-- Actually, I got nervous based on how few slots were left even for the 2nd floor, so I just booked for June 16th. Glad the elevator issue's resolved. Will I still be able to upgrade my online tickets once we're there, do you think?

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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We were there in February, and they do not sell summit tickets in dead of winter due to ify weather. We got online tickets to 2nd level, and bought summit tickets for cash at the 2nd level ticket booth. Then you just wait in line to get on the elevator like everybody else.

Posted by gone
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hi, i was there last march and they had delays to the summit due to high winds. Eventually they opened it up,but it was a wait. if you can buy your tickets in advance, do so, since there was a line about 2 blocks long waiting to get tickets and they only had 1 lift working to boot. happy trails.

Posted by Karen
Sacramento, CA, USA
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Just returned from Paris and waited over two hours to get tickets to the 2nd level. The top was closed intermittently but we were able to get up there without too much trouble. From the botton 3 of the 4 elevators are working (one is undergoing renovations), Elevators were in working order for the 2nd level to the top. Enjoy!